What can you expect when working with me?

I have had the privilege of partnering with Kristin for more than 20 years. We started working together when she was just beginning her career in Washington, DC and I was overseeing the marketing for a financial institution. 

Banking is generally not considered a category where creative ideas can flourish. Kristin’s work defied that widely held belief. She designed a stunning suite of marketing materials, introducing a completely new approach to how the bank promoted its services. Twenty years later those pieces are still as vibrant and rich as they were when she created them. The design is timeless.

When I later moved to New York to work for Sesame Street, Kristin was the first designer I called. A trusted and highly valued creative partner, she worked with me on countless projects, transforming the way Sesame Street expressed itself through graphic design. 

Kristin was instrumental in raising the bar across a wide range of Sesame projects addressing different audiences and goals. She was responsible for creating new brand guidelines that unified and strengthened Sesame’s visual identity, educational materials that connected with preschoolers and parents, fundraising materials that deepened understanding of Sesame’s global mission, and marketing pieces that promoted new Sesame productions around the world. 

Kristin listens and responds thoughtfully. She is incredibly versatile. From materials promoting asset management services to high net worth individuals to educational materials that convey simple lessons to preschoolers and parents, Kristin's designs were perfect for each audience and assignment. 

Time and time again she demonstrated her commitment to producing outstanding work. When you work with Kristin you can count on a partner who will give you more than 100%.”  

— Suzanne Duncan, Former Vice President of Marketing and Brand Strategy at Sesame Workshop


“Working with Kristin is proof you can create impressive things together even if you live far apart. When we first teamed up on a branding project for a new company, it felt as if I had worked with her for years. She's that much of a professional. Kristin is delightful to work with and she's extremely dedicated to her craft. She has an innate understanding about how to enhance concepts with impeccable typography, graphics, and imagery. She manages her projects and the people involved with precision and grace – not to mention with a smile that seems ever-present in her voice.”

— Rhonda Geraci, Writer/Brand Consultant at Rhonda Geraci Creative Consulting, LLC



“As a small business owner, I needed a designer who could guide me through the process of renaming my company. Kristin quickly familiarized herself with my business and then presented a number of smart, savvy ideas with a la carté implemetation options that worked within my budget. She was thoughtful, efficient, and fun to work with. Her creativity, expertise, and strategic vision were invaluable. In the end, she not only created a logo that truly captured what I was looking for, but she helped redefine my entire brand. The entire process could not have been more seamless or satisfying!”

— Meiganne Serrano, Owner and Head Chef, Meiganne Serrano Catering + Events (NYC/Northern NJ)


“When I formed my company, I hired Kristin to design its logo and business collateral. She did a superb job helping us to articulate our corporate identity and develop our own aesthetic. I was very satisfied with the results and got great feedback from clients and others who have used our materials. I highly recommend Kristin for any type of creative work. She has an impeccable taste and sense of style, she is very pleasant to work with, and she is good at grasping and articulating graphically the brand identity.

— Nellie Gregorian, Founder and President, Fluent (NYC, International)


“As a small business, we found Kristin's availability and responsiveness to be just what we needed. From understanding our overall goals, to working through the minutia and negotiating with the printers, Kristin quickly grasped both our brand and what we needed to get a beautiful final product.

— Ben Johnson, Owner and Chocolatier, Blue Table Chocolates (Buffalo, NY)


“I was lucky enough to work with Kristin for more than 10 years during my tenure at Sesame Workshop, on some of the most sensitive and tough-to-talk-about topics for both children and adults. She has the sophistication to organize and blend serious content with inviting creative and engaging visuals in a way that preserves the essence of a message while making it easier for audiences to digest. Kristin is easy to work with and is able to collaborate with large teams (even from a distance), she takes pride in her work, and is committed to creating something the entire team will be proud of.

— Lynn Chwatsky, Managing Director, Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation (NYC, Northern NJ)


“Working with Kristin over the past few years has been a pleasure. As an editor, I have greatly appreciated Kristin’s close attention to text and commitment to reflecting educational goals through design. Kristin is always communicative and collaborative, always meets deadlines, and sees every detail through from concept to completion. With her designs, she has helped bring warm and hopeful tones to award-winning multimedia initiatives dealing with sensitive subject matter, from dealing with grief to coping with economic difficulties.

— Beth Sharkey, Freelance Writer and Teacher, Literature/Language Arts at LePort Schools

“To celebrate Park's centennial, we partnered with Kristin to design the Park School Centennial History Book. Having never tackled a project of this magnitude before, we relied on her expertise to make the book both interesting and accessible. Kristin began by listening closely to key stakeholders to fully understand our goals and then developed a wonderful design concept that guided the entire publication. She captured the ethos of Park by carefully curating a powerful selection of images culled from literally thousands of archival photos. Kristin also paid painstaking attention to each typographical and graphic element in the book and shepherded it through print production. The book has received rave reviews from parents, alumni, foundations, donors, and other friends of our School for telling our complex, century-long story in such a visually compelling way. I couldn’t imagine doing this without Kristin and give her my highest professional and personal endorsement!”

— Carolyn Hoyt Stevens ’81, Director of Development, The Park School of Buffalo (Buffalo, NY)


Kristin helped overhaul and reinvigorate our marketing materials at a time when our brand suffered from inconsistent creative messaging. She quickly learned about our organization and our unique audience and then developed a fresh approach that captured our mission beautifully. Kristin graciously handled our tight deadlines, despite a modest budget, and produced vibrant, eye-catching designs that appealed to children and adults alike.

— Dan Lobel, Director of Audience Services/Associate Director of Marketing, The Little Orchestra Society (NYC)


“The logo Kristin created for my bookstore is absolutely wonderful! It precisely evokes the theme of the store and I cannot tell you how many compliments I have received on the design. Kristin's creative ideas, responsiveness, expertise, and professionalism made it a pleasure to work with her — I look forward to continuing our relationship.”

— Patti Mischler, Proprietor, There & Back Again Used Bookshop (Leesburg, VA)


“I had the pleasure of collaborating with Kristin for nearly 10 years at Sesame Workshop. She was so gracious in educating this then-newbie through the world of creatively-driven marketing initiatives. We were partners on many successful campaigns – from fundraising materials that furthered the Workshop's mission to educational programs for families in need. Her work ethic is second-to-none; and she balances it with such talent, insight, and heart. Kristin is an expert at aligning with multiple groups within the organization. Her energy and positive spirit is infectious – don't miss the opportunity to work with her!”

– Giao Roever, Group Project Management Supervisor, The Martin Agency


“I've had the opportunity to work with Kristin for the past 9 years and have found her creative mindset to be one of the best. While she encompasses the skill of a creative director, she takes the time to understand the process from beginning to end. Kristin has a great appeal to those who value true workmanship, relationships and integrity. Truly, one of the best.

— Luis Serrano, National Account Director,  Allied Printing Services